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The PMO is Dead. Long Live the PPMO!

One of the most enjoyable parts of my work and my life is delivering presentations or giving talks to outside groups. During one particular Q&A session I was asked a question along these lines – “If you had unlimited power in an organization, what would be the very first thing you would do to ensure agility?” My answer, “Oh that is easy. The very first thing I would do is get rid of the Project Management Office.” At which I unfortunately took a pause. The collective gasp from the crowd filled that void and the ensuing murmur drowned out my next … Read More →

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The Gang of Four – How Optimization Perseveres

The impetus for the gang of four was the desire of four agilists (coaches) to try to do the right things with regards to implementing agile and scrum – to do things that were generally acknowledged as good agile practices but things that were not necessarily politically palatable. In other words, we were something of a clandestine organization. Read More →

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The Difference Between True Rockstars & Pretenders

I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of teams during my time as an Agile coach. I have loved and enjoyed working with each and every one of them. There are some though that are more memorable than others. Frequently it is those teams that I coach first in any organization – in psychology this would be referred to as the primacy effect. Sometimes it is because of the nature of the team. Recently I found myself waxing nostalgic for one very particular team that was my first team and also memorable because they were “rockstars”. Let me make … Read More →

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Timely Feedback – Why Agile Works

Sometimes my passion provokes long stories, explanations or asides. Lately though when I speak to others about why agile works I eschew my sometimes verbose ways and reply with two words – “timely feedback”. Read More →

Sony IT Insider Claims Hack Not From North Korea

One of the contacts, who just happens to work at Sony, reached out to me this week and urged me to “blog to the world what really happened” and that the recent hack on Sony was not perpetrated by the North Korean government, but was one of a series of attacks that have been going on “for over two years”. According to my source, these recent attacks were part of a longer term “series of snooping breaches” that included “successful DDoS (denial of service) attacks during the World Cup based on Sony sponsorship of FIFA.” Read More →

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Technical Debt: What It Is and Why You Should Care

I was recently invited to write an article about technical debt for Software Development Times (SD Times). My personal experience is that technical debt is rarely understood, especially by our business partners, and is a symptom of the continual misapplication of project-centric thinking in software development. – Larry Apke